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Fue hair transplant

Fue Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique started to be applied in 2003 and has been developed significantly since then. In this method, the hair follicles that are coded not to fall out from the back of the head (donor area) are removed one by one and transferred to the needed area. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia. It can be applied under sedation as well as can be applied under sedation.

FUE hair transplantation stages are as follows:

one)Extraction (Graft extraction)

2)Opening of receiver channels and

3)Implantation of follicular grafts.

In the first stage, the grafts taken are kept in special solutions to remain alive under suitable conditions and planted in the places where the canal is opened.

In FUE hair transplantation, not a strip-shaped incision, but individual units are removed without leaving a trace.


  • No permanent linear (strip) scar
  • no seams
  • Quick recovery advantage
  • Less pain and edema after the procedure
  • Ideal technique for scar repair