Frequently asked questions about buttock aesthetics

1. What are the risks of butt augmentation with fat transfer?
A: The biggest risk associated with fat transfers is resorption, which can be seen in 30% of cases, or the body’s refusal to transfer fat. In such a case, a second session can be considered. The results of the method being natural is worth the second session. Breast augmentation is frequently performed with stem cell-rich fat transfers within sessions, especially in Japan and Korea.
2. Can butt enlargement or shaping be done by men?
A: Absolutely yes, in fact, as far as I can see, men are starting to worry more about it. Since the trousers do not stay on the waist, even supported laundry can be used.
3. Butt fat transfer or implant?
A: This is determined by your structure, if you are very weak, the implant placed under the muscle is preferred. The final decision will be based on your conversation with your doctor.
4. Is fat transfer beneficial for skin sagging and cellulite appearance in the butt area?
A: Fat cells increase blood circulation and increase metabolism in the area where they are newly transplanted, and they provide rejuvenation at a certain rate through the stem cells they contain. My personal opinion is that this is the best cellulite treatment.
5. Do I need to wear a special corset or outfit after the operation?
A: A special corset is worn for 2 weeks after the operation to ensure remodeling and to minimize edema. In addition, methods such as massage and ultrasound are recommended to reduce swelling and edema.
6. When can I start sports after the procedure?
A: Walking after 2 weeks and full exercise after 6 weeks is recommended.
7. When can I sit down after the operations on the buttocks?
A: You can sit the same day, but sitting for long hours is not recommended at first.
8. What does Brazilian butt aesthetics, which I often hear from the media, mean?
A: It doesn’t necessarily mean a big butt. Although it is a magazine term, Pamele Anderson’s front view and aesthetics can be summarized as J lopez’s back view and aesthetics with a magazine answer. Increasing the fullness of the upper sides of the butt provides both lift and sexuality.
9. Would you recommend other substance injections?
A: Except for liquid silicone and non-melting materials, it can be done under the control of a plastic surgeon. Since these will melt in a certain period of time, the cost can be very high. Hydrogel injections are very popular abroad. It has a short-term effect. Let us warn you once again, do not inject any foreign substance that does not melt.