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Fluoride applications

Today, preventive medicine has gained importance in dentistry and other medical sciences. When it comes to preventive medicine in dentistry, it comes to mind to prevent tooth decay. The substance we use to make teeth resistant to caries is FLUORID.

Fluoride is an element that prevents tooth decay and strengthens the structure of teeth. Fluorid is found in toothpastes as well as in some nutrients. However, because children often neglect to brush their teeth, they do not get enough fluoride for their teeth to gain resistance against caries. TOPICAL FLUORID applications are made.

Professional Topical fluoride application only dentists Topical fluoride application is especially applied to children whose teeth are prone to decay. In this way, sufficient amount of fluoride is deposited on the teeth and the structure of the teeth is strengthened and resistant to caries. Topical fluoride application can only be effective if it is applied every 6 months. For this, bring your children to the dentist every 6 months…