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fat injection

The abundance of adipose tissue in our body and the widespread use of the liposuction method have made the use of adipose tissue in skin rejuvenation popular among plastic surgeons. However, due to the lack of technique in the first fat transfers, inability to survive in the transferred fat tissues, loss in volume and calcification after cell death occurred. All these have caused the loss of belief of plastic surgeons in fat transfers. However, for many years, studies have continued to increase the viability of adipose tissue in another body region to which it is transferred. The common point reached; Although adipose tissue is a tissue with abundant vascularity in the body, when it is transferred from the place where it was taken to another region, cell death occurs very quickly, and most of the cells die until new vascularity is formed in the area where it is transplanted. has been.
In addition, ischemia-reperfusion injury, which is one of the most interesting subjects of plastic surgery, is inevitable. Since fat cells with large diameters are very sensitive to trauma, the technique used in the period from removal to injection process also affects the result.
Studies conducted in recent years have shown that adipose tissue is a tissue rich in stem cells and it is very easy to obtain. Stem cells form new vascularization with the growth factors they secrete. Based on this, we initiated the use of stem cells to prevent the loss of viability of the adipose tissue after the transfer and the decrease in its volume. It was a kind of supercharge process. On the one hand, we preserved the vitality of the fat cells until the transfer stage by using non-traumatic techniques, on the other hand, we increased the vitality after the transfer with stem cells obtained from the adipose tissue.
Stem cells are cells that show characteristics according to their environment. It will continue to see its previous functions in the adipose tissue environment of its origin, to which it was transferred together. In other words, it will maximize the success of fat injection by creating both new fat cell formation and new vascularization.