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From time to time, fake doctors are encountered all over the world, as in our country. However, the rapidly developing aesthetic sector in recent years has whetted the appetite of many groups. With new technologies, some beauty procedures can be performed without surgery or with very minor surgeries. This gives people the opportunity to introduce themselves as if they are experts in this subject, even though they are not competent in the job.

Fake Aestheticians

In our country, this event was noticed with hair transplantation after the 2000s. Although hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it can be performed outside the operating room without the need for extra tools and general anesthesia. Many general practitioners, who took advantage of this opportunity, started to do this procedure. After a while, staff such as nurses and health officers learned and started to do this job. Moreover, many people from non-medical professions, who took illegal courses on this subject on a paid basis, started to practice hair transplantation by pretending to be experts.

The ministry of health, which saw that the situation was getting out of hand, set rules about hair transplant centers and determined that it could only be done by plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.

However, since the rules regarding liposuction, fillers, botulinum toxin and beautifying lasers have not been determined yet, confusion continues in this regard both in our country and in the world.

Fake Professors

A while ago, Istanbul Medical Chamber published the following exemplary announcement. It was announced that a fraudster who introduced himself as a world-renowned neurosurgeon and became famous through television programs, although he is not a medical doctor, was caught and arrested.

The Talented Doctors That TV Shows Are Famous For

Also, a short while ago, news came that an obstetrician, who introduced himself as a cosmetologist in the USA, was investigating the complaints of his disabled patients. It turned out that this person introduced himself as a very successful esthetician by contacting the hosts of America’s most famous reality show programs. Television and social media are really important sources for getting information. However, the fact that these are commercial organizations can enable those who give the money to participate in the programs. TV programmers are only concerned with the sensation and rating of the program, and do not pay much attention to whether it reflects the facts. However, those who watch these channels assume that the people who appear on the program are talented and competent enough to deserve to be here, and may be under the influence of what is said.

Don’t Make a Decision Before Seeing the Diploma and Specialization Certificate

It is useful to be reminded over and over again. There are no miracles in medicine, as in many other subjects. There is no cure for cancer in a day. However, there are slow but continuous developments. Today, we see that cancer patients live much longer. Likewise, aesthetic surgery is progressing slowly but surely. It takes at least 5 years to understand whether a new method really works. Meanwhile, many methods that are said to be new are completely abandoned after a few years. We warn our patients. Not every innovation has to be tried out when it first comes out. It should be trusted only after its validity has been proven by authorized experts. Remember, those who cannot prove themselves with their professional background always try to advertise by claiming that they have performed a new invention or miracle surgery. Be sure to examine the background, education and most importantly, the diploma of the physician you will entrust yourself to. Search anyone claiming to be an aesthetic surgeon on the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association web page.