Fagerstörm test (nicotine addiction test)

It was developed by Swedish psychologist Karl O. Fagerstörm to determine the level of physical dependence on nicotine. It is the most commonly used test for this purpose. Fagerstörm nicotine addiction test mainly consists of 6 questions. They also use the modified form containing 7-8 questions. All questions have 2 – 4 answers. Some are in the form of yes-no, some are in the form of optional answers. Each answer has a score of 0-3. As addiction to cigarette increases, the score obtained from the scale also increases.

The original of the Fagerstörm nicotine addiction test is as follows;

1.How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

( How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?)

a) 10 or less 0 Points

b) 11 – 20 1 Point

c) 21 – 30 2 Points

d) 31 and above 3 Points

2. How long after waking do you smoke your first cigarette?

(How soon after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette?)

a) 3 Points after 0 – 5 minutes

b) 2 Points after 6 – 30 minutes

c) 1 Point after 31 – 60 minutes

d) then 0 Points

3. Do you find it difficult to comply with this ban in places where smoking is prohibited (such as hospitals, cinemas)?

( Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where smoking is not

allowed (eg hospitals, government offices, cinemas, libraries etc)?

a) Yes 1 Point

b) No 0 Points

4. Do you smoke a lot in the morning compared to other times of the day?

( Do you smoke more during the first hours after waking than during the rest of

, the day?

a) Yes 1 Point

b) No 0 Points

5. Which cigarette is more difficult for you to give up?

(Which cigarette would you be the most unwilling to give up?

a) First cigarette in the morning 1 point

b) Any other 0 Points

6. Do you smoke even if you are very sick?

(Do you smoke even when you are very ill?)

a) yes 1 point

b) No 0 Points


0 – 3 Points Low Nicotine Addiction

4 – 6 Points Moderate Nicotine addiction

7-10 Points Severe Nicotine Addiction

For these basic questions, needs and purposes, “Do you spend a lot of time buying cigarettes?”, “Do you inhale cigarette smoke?” Modified Fagerstörm tests have also emerged by adding questions such as:

In our center where we help people quit smoking with bioresonance therapy, we first apply the Fagerstörm test, which has been modified in this way. Then, we measure the level of carbon monoxide in the breath of people with the “Smokerlyzer” device. With these two procedures, we determine the addiction levels of those who want to quit smoking and start therapy after we have information about addiction types. We observe that these procedures increase success.

I wish you a smoke-free and healthy day.