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Facial rejuvenation with fractional laser

The speed of skin aging is not only determined by your genetic heritage. It’s not just your genes that decide how your skin ages. External factors, namely the effects of environmental aging lots is more important. Studies show that 80-90% of aging-related skin problems are caused by environmental damage. Genetic factors and other internal factors are also important, but if you want, you have to learn environmental aging and know how to prevent it. You need to add sun protection measures, smoking and increasing your body’s antioxidant capacity to the sub-headings of this question. If preservatives are not used, the collagen and elastin layer of the skin will be affected, causing premature wrinkles, staining and dulling of the skin.
However, nowadays it is possible to rejuvenate our skin with fractional laser systems. We now have a defense weapon against the harmful and corrosive effects of the environment: FRACTIONAL LASERS
While tightening the collagen strips with fractional laser technology, it also increases collagen production in the future. Thus, a fresher skin appearance, tightening of the skin, reduction in scars and spots, and reduction in fine wrinkles are provided.
Fractional lasers are Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Erbium ERYAG laser systems based on partial skin regeneration. Depending on the characteristics of the person’s skin, the use of one or combined treatments are preferred.
So what is this system?
In its simplest form, it is to increase and accelerate the level of self-repair of our skin. The target of this type of laser beam is water. In other words, it is a system that stimulates the production of fresh cells from the bottom, while the cells in the worn layer on the skin surface are somehow evaporated and removed from the environment. The answer to the question of how it is applied: It consists of preparing a personalized program in the area where the effect is desired and performing the skin renewal process at a rate of 5% to 95%. So why can’t I renew 95% of my skin in a single session? If you ask: this will be an answer related to the healing process. Renewal programs of 30% are frequently applied; There is a healing process in 3-5 days. In this healing process, there will be only a pinkness and tiny crusts on your skin waiting for you. With 2-3 applications in winter, your skin will be renewed, refreshed and tightened.