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Facial aesthetic times

It’s a very personal question and the answers vary. There is a different answer and solution for each individual, I think. The real thing is that human beings have expressed their search for change and beauty since their existence: in sculpture, cave paintings, writing, poetry, Picasso, Mona Lisa, henna, coin, clay, earrings… This may partly be due to the search for eternity and the longing for youth. The solution forms of each period somewhat reflect the aesthetic understanding of that age. In the globalizing world, we can say that the entire cosmetics industry is wildly pumping the same perception of beauty through all kinds of communication channels. This, I think, evokes a standardizing aesthetic approach. From the 90/60/90 approach to the World Model, we have a lot of injected beauty and beauty concepts before us. The main thing is the traces of time on our body and the reflections on us from the mirror. If we are happy, if we have no problem in perceiving life and living the present, these lines should be perceived as pure fantasy. Otherwise you should think that we are debating another quest. Because this is the most common problematic situation we encounter in this effort we have been doing for years: A self-criticism process such as “I made the right decision, there was no need, is there any need, arbitrary works, where did I get this job”. We have always asked our patients to end this period and absorb the change process. It is important. Because the fabric of our society, our outlook on life, religious and social preconceptions, our mystical perceptions, everything brings a somewhat hesitant approach to our body. Should we change? As we said, there is no single correct answer to this. Completely with your perceptions; about your value judgments. Maybe you can think of it like this: eyelid surgeries provide physical benefits as well as aesthetics and create medical solutions. The weight on my eyes is lifted, the lows called ptosis are repaired, the possible feeling of fatigue ends and we look more alive. A less tired and younger look. Maybe that means higher self-confidence and a more exuberant life. We can design this approach differently for each of our body parts. For example, nose surgeries are not only aesthetic, but also interventions that eliminate many respiratory problems. In addition to cosmetic improvement, this fact means a more comfortable breathing, more oxygen, less snoring, maybe a headache-free, flu-free life. Because they can all trigger each other. Or there may have been a lot of negative changes, miscarriage, sagging, skin disorders (acne, trauma) on our face due to structural or other reasons (drugs, alcohol, lifestyle, previous diseases, existing chronic problems, etc.). There is no room for any doubt here. Apart from aesthetic anxiety, facial interventions may be necessary primarily as a medical necessity. Our face is unique to us. Every person’s face, lines, looks are the seal of life. If the change is sometimes ruthless, affects our perceptions, hinders our joy of life, we can describe a long road for you, starting with a refreshing cream, blush, powder or cold water massage that you will apply on your face and extending to interventions hidden under the mastery of a plastic surgeon. In this way, “the way of approaching the healing body”, which can be expressed in thousands, can be said. These are methods, many of which have been shaped, altered, harmless and adapted to your body in parallel with the long history of humanity and its pursuits. We are the living witnesses of the year 30-35. We have personally observed how many methods, tools, tools and information change and develop over time. Who knows how the approaches of the times that we do not know and cannot see will be developed. The most important thing that can be said in distillation is the fact that the application of every method and drug has been refined over the years, the more appropriate right is brought to your body, the possibility of harm is minimized, and of course, technology enters hospitals and operating rooms like crazy, as in daily life. Now, every enterprise is less hurtful, safer, more advanced, and of course, knowledge, in every sense, refines the details even more. As a result, there is an exuberant variety of methods in facial aesthetics, as in other parts of the body. Many applications can be applied to your face easily and with different combinations. The important thing is to decide on this change and make the right choices that you can be happy with. Rest assured it will go as smoothly as possible. If you are interested, you can find a lot of articles about face blowing in our other sections and examine the answers to your possible questions, or you can contact us and talk about the details.