face lift

When it comes to face lift, it is the general name of the processes of removing the sagging of the skin that occurs in the face area, including the neck, including the forehead.
Whatever the reason, the skin in the face and neck area is abundant in the tissues it covers.
Excess skin hangs down due to gravity. The supporting tissues to which the sagging skin adheres are also loose.
Wrinkles and sagging in the face area are corrected by removing the loose parts of the skin and supporting tissues.
Since the loosened skin cannot be narrowed by botox, fillers or shirring rope hanging methods applied to the face area, repeated applications at 5-6 month intervals cause further loosening of the skin and subcutaneous support tissues.
Whereas; With the face lift process, sagging that occurs in 15-20 years is eliminated.
Cosmetic demands have led to the expansion of the usage area of ​​this technique.
Forehead lift, Brow lift, Almond eye and eyelid shaping.
Each of these processes has different techniques. The choice of technique to be applied varies from person to person. For this reason, the techniques to be applied should be explained to the person to be treated. Head and neck surgeons, who apply the anatomy, physiology and surgery of the face and neck region without disturbing the integrity, tell the person whether the desired change in the face is possible or whether it can be applied. If an agreement is reached after these notifications, it will be implemented.
Although the operation, pain and recovery time vary according to the chosen application, it varies between one and five days.