Eyelid aesthetic

It is usually done with local anesthesia, applied with a very fine needle. In our upper lids, the incision is at your natural crease/fold and the visible scar is sometimes extended to the tail of the eye. There may be a little and pinkish trace here for a while, hiding inside the folds on the side. Your surgery should be done in hospital conditions. Sometimes an additional sedation will take your stress away. It takes 1-2 hours. Usually, the upper eyelids are operated first. There is little to no pain. Your stitches will be removed in 3-8 days. Since the tissues around the eyes are delicate and loosely knit, bruising and swelling can be expected. Bruising and swelling may vary from person to person. The first 3 days will continue incrementally and will end in 8-10 days. The post-operative period is a period when you will not have much trouble other than patience as it can be hidden with a pair of sunglasses. However, as in every surgery, you will enter the real aesthetic performance after 2-4 months, especially in the nuances. After the operation, we will have a lot of warnings; You will pay attention to the sun, the wind, you will not bend over, you will not drive for 3-5 days, you will not drink or smoke. The rules are for you, they are good, you will recover easily and happily. In other words, you will be able to enter life the next day, and you will be able to work in a day or two. But we will still envisage a quiet, soft life for 5-10 days. You have no chance to spoil the surgery, everything for your quick recovery. Sports, on the other hand, is a phenomenon that you will start after 15-20 days. So if you choose your surgeon / trust / believe in his mastery, then it is an easy and effortless process for you and your body. Of course, your general condition will be taken into account when making the decision for surgery (hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid problems / hypothyroid / graves patients, tear secretion problems, medications you take, your other problems, smoking etc.) and an appropriate preparation will be made accordingly. If the need for eye aesthetics has started in your body, it is a process that is foreseen to be done first and you will get pleasant results. Make your choices with your doctor and never worry’.
Eyelid Aesthetics / What Does It Change?
Over time, sagging occurs in our upper eyelids with the weight of the skin, and our vision quality deteriorates. Eyebrows are frowning, fatigue and headaches increase. The bags are from residual adipose tissue. In addition, the inside of the lid is sagging in the skin, muscles and tissues. Lash lines point down. The fat pads below and around the eyeball in general come forward over time, hernia, and skin loosens in the operation: first of all, the skin is removed, excess muscle and tissue is removed and weaknesses are eliminated, excess sagging fat pads are removed, and connective tissue and muscles are strengthened and repaired. Such are the basic principles. But the anatomical designs of the lower and upper lids are different. Alta is usually the main problem, puffy under-eye bags, puffy eye air or just awakened from sleep and tired. Only these fat tissues are designed in young people, and some skin can be removed in the elderly. Over time, the solution to these oil bags has also changed. The general approach is to loosen and spread the front walls of these bags, correct the cambers, change the positions of the oils, shape them on the cheeks and spread them correctly, thus strengthening the weak skeleton and giving it a more natural appearance. Due to the risk of pitting, direct oil bag removal is not preferred. As we mentioned above, the excess skin that increases the natural line is removed. (This process is not only aesthetic, but also an extremely functional action, since these excesses sometimes even prevent vision) The bagging and sagging at the bottom can sometimes be more than enough to show / be visible inside the eye / iris. In this sense, a defect-covering attempt reduces the wrinkles outside the eye, although it is not a direct solution. In the same way, it is partially corrected with our rings and bruises. It is a suitable intervention in terms of operation alone, especially from the ages of 30-40, in people with structural / structural eyelid problems. It should be evaluated together with other possibly accompanying aesthetic problems (eyebrow, forehead lift, face lift, etc.) in older ages.