eyebrow lift

Brow Lift (Brow Aesthetics)
Eyebrows are very important structures on our face. They directly affect and direct our gaze, our facial expressions, and therefore our facial expressions.
Different eyebrow shapes can give angry, tired, happy, sad, confused expressions to the face. Sagging eyebrows can also cause some droopy eyelids, making our face look older than it is.
When asked how the ideal eyebrow shape would be, according to the descriptions made in classical books on facial aesthetics, the inner border ending in the line drawn up from the edge of the nose wing, the outer border ending in the line passing from the edge of the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye, and the highest point of the eye with the pupil. The eyebrow that is somewhere between the outer corners is an ideal eyebrow, that is, eyebrows like a crescent with a raised middle.
However, I don’t think this is an ideal recipe for everyone, because there is no standard for beauty. On some faces, the higher the eyebrows are, the more beautiful they look, while in others, eyebrows that rise slightly to the sides and lie flat, and sometimes eyebrows that are excessively removed from the sides and only 2/3 of the inner part are beautiful. Techniques applied to lift the eyebrow and bring it into the desired shape; Botox application, eyebrow lifting with sling, and eyebrow lifting with surgery.
1. Botox
If applied correctly, the desired result can be obtained by raising the outer parts of the eyebrows. Botox is a substance that temporarily disables the facial mimic muscles. Therefore, it is also used in the treatment of wrinkles. Its application is simple. It is applied painlessly after applying ice to the area to be injected for a while to reduce pain. The effect is 3-4. It starts to show on days 7-10. The effect becomes more pronounced on the 10th day, and another injection may be required on the 10th day for retouching purposes. Its effect is temporary. It should be repeated every 5-6 months. After the application, you may have spot-like bruising and swelling on your face, which will pass in a short time. Ice application immediately after the application prevents swelling and bruising. You can return to your work and daily life immediately after the Botox application.
2. Lift eyebrow with hanger
It is a very simple and quick method. It can be done with local anesthesia. With the help of needles, non-melting threads are passed through the 2-3 mm incisions made through the hair and over the eyebrows, and the eyebrows are lifted as much as possible. Its effect lasts between 8 months and 1 year.
You can return to work the same day. Recently, special threads have been produced to make hangers. With these two-way stretching threads, it is possible to raise eyebrows both more effectively and for a longer period of time (about 2 years).
3. Surgical eyebrow hanging
Generally, it is a method applied alone in young and middle-aged patients, if only the edge of the eyebrows is desired to be lifted without any sagging in the eyebrows. In the older age group, it can be combined with face lift surgeries and eyelid aesthetics. Lifting eyebrows with surgery is a method that provides permanent results. However, over time, there will be some drooping of the eyebrows, as sagging will occur on the forehead.
Eyebrow lift surgery alone can also be performed with local anesthesia. There are different methods. One of the classical methods is to remove as much skin as necessary from the upper border of the eyebrows with incisions made in accordance with the eyebrow shape and re-sew the upper skin to the eyebrow border. It is a quick and simple method that can be preferred in older ages and can be performed under local anesthesia.
In another method, the temple area is entered with a few cm incision made through the scalp, the skin area up to the eyebrow is freed from the underlying tissues, and the excess skin is removed and sutured again. In this method, the scar is hidden in the scalp.
The most popular technique in recent years is the endoscopic forehead lift and eyebrow lift method, which can be performed together with forehead lift or just to raise eyebrows. A long, thin tube called an endoscope is used, which is connected to a video camera. The endoscope is inserted into 3-5 small incisions on the scalp. Thus, the surgeon can work by seeing the inside of the forehead thanks to the endoscope. Performs the surgery by inserting surgical instruments through other holes. The endoscope technique ensures that the incisions are very small in size. The excess and muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead are corrected by being seen on the screen from the camera. Hanging threads are placed on the eyebrows. Compared to the classical method, the incisions in the hair are very small, the operation time is shorter, the recovery and return to normal life time is very short.