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Evaluate your lunch break and return to work with whiter teeth..!

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution recommended for people who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth.

It is used to whiten teeth that have discolored for various reasons or to lighten a personalized tooth color by a few tones. oxygenation method.

The natural colors of the teeth become darker with years and external factors. With the teeth whitening process, which can be done in the office or at home, the teeth are opened by 2-10 tons, a satisfactory whitening and a beautiful smile are obtained. Bleaching process must be applied under professional control.

There are 2 types of discoloration on the teeth.

1-Internal coloring: These are discolorations that have penetrated into the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing. Structural disorders that occur during the formation of teeth (due to drugs or excessive fluoride intake, etc.) are also included in this class. Bleaching is very successful in most of these cases.

2-External staining: These are the discolorations that adhere to the tooth surface from some foods, cigarettes, tea, and coloring agents such as coffee. Mostly, it is possible to get rid of these stains with tartar cleaning and professional brushing afterwards.

Different colorations require different treatments. For this reason, it is best to decide together with your dentist what type of application should be done.

Things to consider in the bleaching process
1- Carefully protect your gums

2- Density of the drug used (bleaching gels contain different amounts of carbamide peroxide)with the correct setting of usage times.

Some people complain of a slight sensitivity during or after the whitening process. This sensitivity will disappear completely in 1-3 days. The important thing is that the procedures required by the system used are carried out completely and correctly. When whitening is done by suitable people, it is a harmless and very effective method of improving aesthetics.
used in our clinic. office whiteningsystem was preferred because it provides 8-10 tones of whitening with low-density gel, and the color return and post-process sensitivity are minimal.

In Teeth Whitening It is the fastest method.Teeth become 8+ times whiter in an hour.

The whitening process is applied in 2 ways.

Power Blaeching, performed in an office environment within 1 hour, is the fastest, safest and most effective whitening system, consisting of whitening gel and light, that can lighten 6-8 tons of tooth color in a short time.

Home bleaching is a bleaching process performed by putting carbamide peroxide-based gels into plastic mouthpieces prepared specifically for the person with a simple oral measure. Desired whitening is achieved in an average of 5-7 days. It needs to be worn for 4-8 hours a day (depending on the color and gel).

Home Bleaching
Gels of various densities are used. Gels should be stored in the refrigerator. The first 3 days must be used consecutively, then a break can be taken. Coloring agents (tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine, medical mouthwashes, etc.) should be avoided as much as possible during use. It cannot be compared with the whitening systems sold in pharmacies.

Office Power Bleaching

During Application:

Your gums are protected with a special barrier material.

The whitening gel is applied to your teeth and you can sit back and relax. While listening to TV, DVD, CDThe light source is activated.

With the LED light given in 3 cycles of 15 minutes each, your whitening process is completed within 1 hour.

The whitening of the teeth is primarily related to the initial colors. While yellow-toned teeth can easily whiten 6-8 shades, green-gray teeth are more difficult to whiten. In short, although the amount of whitening varies from person to person, your doctor will give you an approximate information about how much your teeth can whiten in the first session.

The Power Bleaching System is completely painless. Less than 10% of the applied people may feel a slight tingling or sensitivity after the application. This is more common in people with slight wear and cracks in their teeth. If the abrasions are excessive, it may be necessary to cover those areas with filling. If there is sensitivity, it can be removed with a mild pain reliever.
Until 24 hours after the application, you should stay away from very hot/cold drinks and foods, as well as dyed agents such as cigarettes, coffee, tea, cola and red wine.

The Power Bleaching System has been very successful in removing stains from crowns, fillings and bonding. However, any bleaching system cannot bleach the color of crowns, fillings and bondings. Your dentist will examine your teeth and explain the results that can be obtained.

The result obtained with the Power bleaching System is long (2-3 years). This time is up to you.Your colorful food habits such as excessive smoking, excessive tea-coffee-cola affect this period.