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Emergency situations in children’s teeth

DENTAL PAIN: Is there any food residue around the aching tooth? It should be looked at, and if there is, it should be brushed. Does hot or cold water start a toothache? It should be looked at. Food residue between two teeth can cause pain. For this reason, food residue should be removed from that area with the help of dental floss. The dentist should be reached urgently before using irritant methods such as putting aspirin or alcohol on the gums.

If there is a cut on the tongue, lips, cheeks, as a result of falling; immediately apply ice to the injured area. If there is bleeding; Compress the bleeding area with a gauze pad. If you cannot control the bleeding, go to the doctor immediately.

Dislocation of the permanent tooth as a result of falling out; If you can find the tooth, wash it with saline or clean water by holding the crown of the tooth. Have the patient fill it by spitting into a cup and place the tooth in this cup and contact your doctor immediately. If it is not possible to fill the cup by spitting; place the tooth in the cup filled with milk.

Tooth dislocation as a result of falling in BABIES; In babies, this usually occurs in the front teeth. It does not require urgency as it is not possible to place it in place.

FRACTURE OF THE PERMANENT TOOTH AS A RESULT OF FALLING; requires an emergency. If the falling piece is found, a doctor is consulted in saliva or milk, just like a tooth is dislodged. If the physician deems it appropriate, he replaces this broken piece.

Fractures involving the JAW, SUCH AS A HEAVY IMPACT or TRAFFIC ACCIDENT; requires urgent hospital admission.