Economic crisis grit his teeth

The economic crisis that surrounds the world also threatens dental health. While the effects of the economic crisis on the society are growing day by day, the effects of the crisis on the health of individuals are becoming more visible day by day. Dentist Mehmet Zahid Kazandı stated that the crisis had a negative impact on dental health as well, adding that many people were under more stress than usual during the crisis and that individuals were grinding their teeth without realizing it while they were sleeping.

Stating that the disease known as bruxism, popularly known by dentists as bruxism, is the unconscious clenching or grinding of the teeth during sleep, Kazandır stated that people with this habit feel pain in their teeth and jaw joints when they wake up in the morning, and that clenching or grinding is the most important thing. The reason is thought to be stress, the disease of our age, he said. With the increase in the stress rate in individuals due to the economic crisis, an increase is observed in the rates of teeth grinding and clenching. he added to his statements.

Dentist Mehmet Zahid Kazandı, who stated that some individuals are not aware that they are grinding their teeth, but they wake up in the morning with a joint pain that they cannot understand, listed the questions we need to ask ourselves in order to understand whether you are grinding your teeth;

Do your cheeks hurt when you get up in the morning?
Can’t open your mouth comfortably?
Do you have pain when you open your mouth?
Does the pain continue throughout the day?
Do you have pain radiating to the ear and head?
Do you make clicking sounds during mouth opening and closing, apart from the difficulty?

Dentist Mehmet Zahid Kazandı says that the purpose of the treatment to be applied to individuals with teeth grinding complaints is to prevent permanent damage to the jaw joint and to eliminate pain, and adds that the treatment will be a combined treatment and a solution will be produced with a combined treatment chain consisting of a physiotherapist, dentist and psychiatrist.

In untreated cases, abrasions on the front surfaces of the teeth and, as a result, reduction in vertical dimension, exposure of the tooth’s nerve as a result of excessive wear, pain, function limitation, jaw locking due to regression in the chewing muscles, and joint deformations that require surgery in advanced cases may occur.