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Ear lobule anomalies – tears

Ear Lobule Anomaly can be congenital or acquired. Congenital anomalies are defects in the part of the ear that is attached to the ear called “lobule”, notchsagturning out may have anomalies. Surgical treatment with local anesthesia. The patient continues his normal life, after 4-5 days the suture is removed. subsequent defects to traumarelated deformity or to the earring connected tears. It can be seen at any age and its treatment is surgery accompanied by local anesthesia. It is very common. After the operation performed by other surgeons, a scar (trace) remains in the form of a line and at the same time lobule it seems longer than normal in size, which causes an unpleasant image. We refer to the anterior and posterior region of the ear lobule in these problems. “Z”We make plasties and since we close these Z plasties mutually, there is no visible scar, the lobule protects its rounded arch.