Ear aesthetics with prominent ear thread

The ear is of great importance in terms of maintaining our existence as our hearing organ, ensuring the quality of life, and regulating business life and social relations. In addition to the functional importance of the ear, it also has an aesthetic value that ensures compatibility with other organs on the face in terms of facial aesthetics. Ear aesthetics may deteriorate as a result of congenital or subsequent causes, causing both physical and psychological problems.
prominent ear
The most common deformity of the ears is the prominent ear deformity. Prominent ear is called when the ears are a little more open than they should be. In prominent ear problem, with the ears remaining open, the ear folds may be underdeveloped or not developed at all, in this case the auricle takes on a flatter appearance like the inner face of a spoon. The prominent ear problem has nothing to do with the position of the baby in the womb during pregnancy or the lying position in infancy. Trying to wrap the ears around the head for prominent ear correction during infancy has no benefit on prominent ear aesthetics.
Prominent ear treatment
The only method applied for prominent ear treatment is to create the folds if there are no ear folds and to apply a backward tilting intervention to the ear as it should be. The most appropriate treatment age for prominent ear treatment is 5-6 years before school age. Prominent ear treatment should be done before the child starts school. Otherwise, the shape of the child’s ears will become the subject of conversation, mockery and ridicule among his friends. An inferiority complex and accompanying mental problems occur in a child who is mocked and ridiculed. In the eyes of every parent, their child is the most beautiful and perfect child. Since every parent loves their child unconditionally, they ignore the child, even if it is his fault. Parents do not feel the need for prominent ear treatment in their children and do not seek it. For this reason, most people’s prominent ear treatment is not done at this age, it is up to older ages. However, prominent ear treatment can be done at any age.
Prominent ear aesthetics with thread
One of the methods applied for prominent ear correction is the prominent ear aesthetics with thread, which is too small to be considered a surgery. During prominent ear aesthetics performed with thread, the back of the ears is anesthetized, and the ear is fixed by pulling backwards with threads passed under the skin. If it is done together with cartilage shaping, very satisfactory results can be obtained. In people with weak ear folds, various combinations can be made as the cartilage needs to be shaped to form the folds. The patient’s suitability for this operation is determined after the doctor’s examination.