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Dry mouth, its causes and things to watch out for


Saliva has many functions. It has an antibacterial effect. It keeps the inside of the mouth moist and maintains the pH balance. Saliva helps digest food, protects teeth from decay, aids in chewing and swallowing.

Dry mouth occurs as a result of decreased saliva secretion. Dry mouth causes serious problems.


– Change in hormonal balance in women during menopause

– Some diseases: asthma, kidney failure, thyroid diseases, rheumatic diseases, Sjogren’s syndrome, immune system diseases, hormonal disorders (diabetes),

– A diet based on liquid and soft foods reduces chewing ability, and accordingly, saliva flow decreases.

– Mouth breathing

– Vitamin B deficiency

– Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

– Some used drugs: depressants, diuretics, blood pressure medications, antihistamines, nasal decongestants, painkillers…)

– Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages


– Burning sensation in the tongue
– Difficulty eating dry food
– Difficulty speaking
– Frequent thirst
– Cracked and dry lips
– Bad breath
– Aphthous
– Dryness in the nose and throat
– Taste disturbance

Problems that may occur in dry mouth;

– Bacterial plaque adheres more easily. For this reason, gum diseases and caries formation occur more easily.
– Patients using removable prostheses frequently experience mucosal irritations, cracking and ulcerations.

How is it treated?;

If the dry mouth is caused by a medication used, your doctor may change your medication or dosage. If there is a problem with the salivary glands, your doctor may prescribe a drug that makes your salivary glands work better.

You can moisten your mouth with some methods until your dry mouth goes away. It is important to use artificial saliva, to control the hygiene of prostheses, if any, and to pay attention to dietary habits.

Chewing sugar-free gum, sucking on sugar-free hard candies, and reducing tobacco and alcohol use are other methods to consider. It should be noted that spicy foods will cause pain in dry mouth.

Water should be drunk frequently and fluoride paste, gel and mouthwash should be used to protect the teeth. Oral care products containing alcohol should be avoided.