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Do milk teeth matter?

Most of the parents I met throughout my professional life stated that their children’s milk tooth decay is not important. I try to explain to them that milk teeth are very important, and I especially recommend that teachers support this. Milk teeth begin to emerge between 5 and 12 months in children and are completed at 30 months. There are 20 in total. What are their functions?

1] The chewing function is the most important task of the teeth, tooth decay prevents it, which causes developmental disorders in the child, unhappiness, sleep disorders, pediatric depression, sociophobia and causes the whole family to be unhappy. My solution is to take your little one to the dentist you trust every 6 months, even if your child reacts on the first appointment. Get the 2nd appointment without getting tired and continue to take it to the doctor. If there is no harmony after 3 sessions, continue with another dentist.

2] Phonation: milk teeth help the words to come out properly during speech. Tooth decay and tooth loss impair speech, which causes stress in the child and his family.