Dentists do not age. Dedicated to my colleagues.

I will only share with you who visit this site, a small but painful line dedicated to the memory of a teacher….

We know that, unfortunately, life does not allow the reliving of what has been lived. Sometimes we want to forget the past and sometimes we want the past not to happen again. we call them bittersweet memories.. but there are some of them that we can’t help being a prisoner of the sentimentality of telling the saddest .. let’s come to this memory .it was one of my first days at school .. I was very unfamiliar with the names of most of our classes. We were going to have a lesson called prosthesis. It was a lesson that I did not know the meaning of. I did not know his teacher at all. My friends told me that he is a prof. and the time came, our first lesson was prosthetics.. I saw our teacher, who is very well-groomed, sporty-bodied, handsome, tall, white-skinned, and has regular thick gray hair.. his name is pof dr.GAZANFER ZEMBİLCİ ….first lesson and first words: Friends, dentists stay young as soon as they get old.” Applause … how wildly we applauded this beautiful word together with the friends in the lecture hall. Then our teacher continued: ”Hold on guys, listen! but this profession is a very stressful and grueling profession, it is the rasp of life.” we had to predict and think about our future.. I couldn’t forget this moment for years and I was under the influence of fate. But that day, it was as if our teacher shared his destiny and future with us with these words. In our school, which does not exist and has not yet been written, he wrote the book on the knowledge of prosthesis and materials for the first time and left it to us…

Another painful memory and similarity is our Assistant Professor Gürbüz, one of our young prof. dentists who suffered the same fate and did not grow old.. I commemorate them with mercy….

Now my 37 years are up… before and then while I was preparing the cases, my first assignment from those days in the past was in the picture of my memory in ARHAVİ, in the news in the good morning newspaper. and I always want to enjoy the effort, taste and peace of the purpose of staying a young dentist..and we are trying to hold on to life while continuing my duty to contribute to human health with the inspiration I get from my dear teachers. Here is a different but real version of the case before and after… Best regards to all my patients and colleagues, wishing them many years of good health and long life.