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Dentistry myths…

Of course I won’t tell you about the tooth fairy. I will not mention the teeth of the 7-headed dragon. Today, I will tell you the stories about dentistry that are always told but have no truth.

While practicing the profession of dentistry, we are faced with such interesting questions that sometimes it is not even possible to find the source of this problem. Let’s take a look at what these questions are and what their real answers are.

• When morphine is hit while pulling a tooth, the tooth will not come out again.

No. Morphine is not used for numbing during tooth extraction. If a permanent tooth is extracted, it will not come out again. This has nothing to do with a substance that numbs the tooth.

• If the front teeth are pulled, it becomes blind.

No. Front teeth have nothing to do with vision.

• After the age of 10, the extracted teeth do not come out.

No. Regardless of age, if a permanent tooth is extracted, it will not come out. This has nothing to do with age.

• There will be no more problems in the filled tooth.

No. As long as you do not take care of your teeth, there is no guarantee that there will be no problems no matter what treatment is done.

• Teeth rot when the tartar is cleaned.

No. Your tooth decay has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, it is much easier for teeth to decay in a mouth with tartar.

• When you are pregnant, teeth are not extracted, fillings are not made, etc..

No. Although these procedures are not preferred in the first 3 months of pregnancy, all dental procedures between 3 and 6 months are safe. Serious operations should be avoided after 6 months. After the 3rd month, the film can be easily taken with a lead apron. It is your dentist who will make the decision.

• Children who drink milk do not need to clean their teeth.

No. Teeth cleaning is always necessary.

• It should not be brushed when the gums bleed.
No. Bleeding is an indication of gum disease. For this reason, on the contrary, more importance should be given to brushing.

• It is good to put aspirin, alcohol, cologne on the aching tooth.

No. This will relieve your pain for the moment. But it can cause serious damage to your tooth, making a simple treatment much more complicated.

It is possible to extend this list. In this article, I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. Happy smiles!