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Cracks in your body and suggestions

Stretch marks are thin lines of pearly white or red color that usually appear on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks and upper legs. It occurs especially during pregnancy, when the amount of cortisone increases in the body, when weight is gained, in adolescence or when cortisone drugs are taken. The best treatment for cracks is to ensure that the crack does not form in the first place. In other words, if it can give elasticity to the skin during pregnancy (stretching exercises), this factor can be reduced to a minimum. Of course, there are also features of the skin, genetic effects can cause excessive cracking, but oily massage should not be abandoned. Sagging can be prevented to some extent with exercise. It may be possible to get rid of the locally accumulated fat with an appropriate exercise program that is started immediately. In order to reduce stretch marks, the necessary areas of your body can be massaged with pure olive oil, cocoa butter or pure vitamin E. Vitamin A acid (Retinol) can be applied, laser applications are expected to be beneficial, opaque cosmetic materials are successful in covering the cracks and can also help reduce cracks in lifting weights. (Also, drinking plenty of water, cold-hot shock showers, tiny stimulating pinches and regular exercise are important.)
If these efforts do not yield results, the effect of cracks can be reduced and some of them can be eliminated by methods such as surgical interventions, liposuction, RF-Body Tite Liposuction and cutting out the appropriate areas. Microdermabrasion is also an effective method.