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Correction of jaws possible with orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a form of treatment applied in the treatment of complicated cases that require both orthodontic treatment and surgery. If the closing disorders of the jaws are of skeletal origin and the patient’s age is older than 18, if the result that can be achieved with orthodontic treatment (wire treatment) alone will not satisfy the patient and the physician, it is a process in which plastic surgery applications are also performed in addition to orthodontic treatment.

Although it is known that it is usually applied for patients with an excessively large or anterior lower jaw, it has a bird-face appearance where the lower jaw is very small, the gummy smile is called because the gums are too visible, in cases where the face is long in the vertical direction, in cases where the lower or upper jaws are extremely narrow, or in cases of lip-palate. Orthognathic surgical treatments performed by the orthodontist and plastic surgeon together can be applied in the clefts.

In these treatments, the alignment of the teeth is corrected with orthodontic treatment and they are made ready for the operation. This phase of the treatment is completed between 8-12 months. Then the patient (with the wires in his mouth) is operated by the plastic surgeon and the jaw closure is corrected. After the operation and the postoperative recovery period, the orthodontic treatment is continued and the treatment is completed by applying the final closing corrections, aesthetic adjustments and reinforcement procedures. The average duration of treatment is 2 years.