classic face lift

Face lift surgeries, which are very popular in Latin and North America, have started to attract attention in our country with each passing day. While facelift surgeries were seen as advanced age surgeries in the past, we can rejuvenate the mid-face area with endoscopic facelift surgeries, which are also applied to the middle-aged group.
Although we collect facelift operations under the headings of classical and endoscopic methods, in fact, the two surgical methods are in a separate surgery group in terms of age and the effects they create. In classical facelift surgery, the focus is on sagging skin and partially sagging adipose tissue under the skin, while in endoscopic facelift, our aim is to suspend sagging subcutaneous fat bags, especially in the mid-face area, to their normal anatomical location.
In addition, an endoscopic face lift procedure, which is sometimes added to the classical method, will make the result quite perfect. The incision line used in the classical facelift starts from the front of the ear and turns under the earlobe and extends to the back of the ear and the scalp. In other words, the area where we make the incision is an area where the patient will not have any complaints about scars at the end of the healing period. We offer the perfect solution for your sagging neck skin at the same time as the classic face lift surgery.
We apply the endoscopic facelift method by using small incisions through the scalp and mouth so that the camera and special tools can enter. What is targeted in endoscopic facelift; It is to move the tissue that makes the cheekbones fuller when young, but shifts downwards with age and causes fat accumulation at the edge of the mouth, to a position that will plump the cheekbone area and straighten the corner of the mouth.
One of the frequently asked questions by patients; “How many years younger am I going to get?” Although this depends on the surgical procedure, we plastic surgeons prefer; It is not to bring the patient back to the face of 20-30 years ago, but to obtain a lively, lively, happy-looking face in which the anatomical structures are moved to where they should be.