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Chocolate is good for dental health!

Yes it’s good! No no! I’m really not kidding. I think that many mothers who see this headline are angry with me now. However, this is a fact. The important thing is to know how and in what way it is good and to take our precautions accordingly. In addition to strengthening the teeth, gums and jaw bones, many foods indirectly help to clean the teeth by neutralizing the oral environment and controlling the flow of saliva. How does this happen?

A piece of cheese can be eaten with a slice of dessert… and the same piece of cheese can help fight the harmful acids that build up in your mouth when you ingest sugar and simple starch. In addition, research has shown that eating a piece of cheese can form a protective sheath on your tooth enamel, making it resistant to the corrosive effects of caries-forming acids.

Cheese, eaten before or after eating, increases saliva production in your mouth, which breaks down sugars and food residues that cause plaque and cavities, and helps neutralize harmful acids. And you don’t need a handful of cheese to reap these benefits – a lump of sugar the size of a sugar cube is enough. Studies have shown that cooked cheese also provides this kind of protection to the teeth.

Calcium-rich cheese also helps keep your jawbones strong and resistant to the harmful effects of gum disease. Worried about the fat content of cheese? Low fat ones are available! And the calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin A in cheese also help strengthen not only the enamel but also the main structure of your teeth.

Could chocolate be good for your dental health?

As if it were an occasion for you to eat chocolate, cocoa butter in chocolate contains a substance called tannins, and the tannins substance in chocolate is beneficial for teeth. It reduces the ability of harmful bacteria to adhere to your teeth and gums, thereby making bacteria less likely to produce the acid that causes caries.

Studies show that chocolate has benefits other than reducing cavities:

* Contains antioxidants that help prevent heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

* It reduces stress by triggering the production of serotonin in our brain.

* Contains magnesium, which stabilizes the emotions.

* Contains little cholesterol.

Aside from these benefits, chocolate still contains lots of sugar and unnecessary calories and has no real nutritional value. So eat chocolate sparingly and don’t forget to brush and floss after eating – without feeling guilty, of course!