Cheek thinning in all aspects

Bichectomy is a cheek surgery that gives the face a better appearance. It is possible to have more prominent cheekbones and a thinner facial line with bichectomy operation.


Cheek Thinning Surgery with All Its Aspects

Bichectomy is a cheek surgery that gives the face a better appearance. It is possible to have more prominent cheekbones and a thinner facial line with bichectomy operation.

Bichectomy, also known as cheek aesthetics, is an operation that involves the removal of cheek fat in order to give a sharper appearance to the facial features of the person.

What is a bichectomy?

In bichectomy operations, it is aimed to obtain an inverted triangle face shape between the cheekbones and the chin. In this way, the disproportionate appearance of the facial features is eliminated and it is aimed that the person has the facial features closest to the golden ratio. Bichectomy makes it possible to have more aesthetic, younger and more attractive facial features as the facial features are given a sharper and more prominent appearance.

It is a method frequently used by people who want to achieve a V-type appearance on their facial features. It is generally preferred by individuals with U-type or square facial features. In bichectomy applications, also known as cheek thinning surgery, the buccal adipose tissue on the cheeks is thinned.

People who have plump cheeks due to structural factors, weight gain or aging often resort to bichectomy surgery. However, people who have an incompatible ratio with the general face in the appearance of their cheeks and who have chubby cheeks despite their ideal weight also apply for this surgery.

How is it done?

In bichectomy surgery, an incision of approximately 1 cm is made from the inside of the cheek and excess fat tissues are removed. By thinning the cheeks, an ideal ratio is achieved in the entire face, giving the person an inverted triangle appearance and sharp facial features throughout the face.

Before the operation, it is important for the client to be examined first and to easily ask all the questions that come to mind to the specialist. For the most appropriate application for him, the opinions of the expert should be taken and then the way to be followed should be decided together. During the physical examination, the specialist physician asks the person to open and close his mouth and performs the examination of the cheeks.

The procedure takes about half an hour – forty-five minutes. Since the intervention is done from the inside of the cheek in bichectomy applications, there is no incision on the skin.

In order for the recovery process to pass faster after the bichectomy operation, the recommendations of the physician should be taken into account both before and after the operation. Alcohol and smoking should be stopped at least one week before the surgery. If there is regular use of medication due to health problems, it should be shared with the physician before the operation, and if drugs that dilute blood are used, such drugs should be stopped.

The recovery process after bichectomy surgery may differ from person to person. However, in general, recovery is observed in patients in a 14-day period after surgery. During the three days after the bichectomy operation, soft foods should be consumed as recommended by the doctor, and consuming cold drinks can prevent possible bleeding. In addition, it is recommended that patients not be exposed to the sun.

As long as the operation is performed successfully and correctly and the person follows all the directions of the physician throughout the process, no pain is felt.

Is bichectomy permanent?

Bichectomy operation is a permanent operation.

Bichectomy Surgery Prices?

Bichectomy surgery prices vary according to the roadmap followed before and after the application and the needs of the person. You can contact us for all your questions about bichectomy surgery.