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Change yourself before returning to work after vacation

With the arrival of summer, we all started to make small getaways. While some of us preferred the most popular resorts, some of us preferred quieter places by the coast. We all had a clear purpose, to get away from work, to swim, to sunbathe… But perhaps our main purpose was to rest, tan and become beautiful. When we came back from vacation, it was to make our office friends a little jealous with our dark skin… So why should the change be limited to our skin… The most striking change that people can make in themselves is of course a change to be made on their faces. There is no doubt that the most important change that can be made in this is what will be done to the teeth. On the way back from vacation, we talked to Onur Öztürk from Plusdent Dental Clinic to create a more permanent change in ourselves. Öztürk explained to us what aesthetic dentistry is and the methods used.

Dentist Onur Öztürk explains the smile design as a method used by physicians to give you a special, ideal smile. He adds that with this method, dentists aim to offer you a healthy and natural smile in line with your wishes.

Here are the methods used in aesthetic dentistry;

Porcelain Laminate Vener; Veneers are made of a porcelain as thin as a nail, with minimal damage to your natural teeth. With veneers, the shape and color of your teeth can be exactly what you imagine. Laminates are very durable. With this method, it is enough to visit your dentist 2-3 times to have the teeth and smile of your dreams.

Teeth whitening; There is hardly anyone who would not want their teeth to be whiter. Everyone uses a lot of hearsay methods to have whiter teeth. However, it is not difficult to have white teeth and to get rid of the stains left by cigarettes and coffee in our mouths. Dentist Onur Öztürk stated that the teeth whitening process is done in a clinical environment within 1 hour and the people who come to the treatment leave the clinic more confident with their white teeth.

implant; The thing that bothers you the most when laughing and talking is probably your missing teeth. Dentist Onur Öztürk, who says that the most common method used for patients with this condition today, is implants, states that with this method, your missing teeth are filled and they get a solid and natural appearance as natural teeth.

Invisible Wires; With the increasing importance of visuality, individuals now care more about dental aesthetics and they want the appearance of their crooked teeth to change. For this, the latest fashion is the use of orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners (invisalign).