Buttock aesthetics and lifting

Today, this region has been brought to the forefront by written and visual communication tools in the body perception of men and women. Females have a different skeletal structure than males. The development of the muscles attached to this skeletal structure and the soft and fat tissues under hormonal (birth, pregnancy, etc.) effects contribute to the formation of the form. In both sexes, sagging, muscle wasting and flattening develop with advancing age. In some cases, we see genetic flattening or excessive fat accumulation. The butt or hip area consists of the largest muscle groups that pull the static load of our body. The muscles called gluteal muscle groups are responsible for maintaining the upright position of the body and maintaining the posture. Weakness in the buttock muscles is associated with underdevelopment and general postural disorders. In sports such as ballet and football, where the muscle groups of this region are used intensively, an anatomically narrow, upright and tight youthful appearance draws attention. The feminine appearance is more different, the rounded lines are slightly curved outwards. It is true that sports create a steeper butt structure, but it also takes them away from feminine lines. Exercise adds some vitality depending on the strengthening of the muscles, but it is not possible to reach aesthetic norms only in this way. Exercise can only help in the structure of the wide, not flattened hips with mild problems, it should be done constantly. Butt and hip area are affected by racial genetic characteristics. We often encounter wide, flattened and low hips. If you have genetic problems in the hip area, I definitely recommend that your children work until their 20s in areas where sports and art intersect, such as ballet and gymnastics, which shape this area around the age of 7. There is no interference with the muscle groups of the region in aesthetic procedures. Therefore, there is no deterioration in the function. In aesthetic procedures, enlargement, reduction, straightening and upward positioning (lifting) are targeted in this region.
Why Buttock aesthetics:
In our historical and social unconscious codes, the butt and hip regions are identified with wealth, fertility and power. I can even feel you remember some idioms and aphorisms with a smile. The subconscious gaze of the individual directly transforms these parameters into sexual attraction and sexuality. A low flat or deformed butt is subconsciously considered unattractive and worthless, while a high positioned, projected and proportional butt always creates an attractive body image. Today’s modern man wants both body and soul beauty together. People now spend more time in social areas such as summer resorts, beaches, sports, shopping and education, and notes are given at first glance with visual evaluations. Fashion and popular culture have transformed from an approach that covers and hides the flaws of the past to a “ready-standard, fast-consuming” approach that reveals the best fit for the body that exhibits. We can’t hide it anymore, we can’t camouflage it.
Along with genetic and structural factors, the butt-hip region is the most protruding-projected region of our body that is constantly and most exposed to gravity. Postpartum periods, rapid weight gain and loss, and diet situations in which the body’s water composition changes reduce tissue resistance to gravity. It begins to develop in deformations at the age of thirties. So what is the definition of the ideal butt then? Rather than a single definition of butt, it can be mentioned that this region is proportional to the legs, waist and abdomen. But I don’t think there will be much objection to my definition.
The hip structure combined with long legs, standing upright, where the hips are not very prominent, and the upper outer part of the butt is slightly curved to the side and back, combined with a thin waist and back curve defines the ideal feminine hip. All of these can be captured by playing with the odds. Even if you are short, you can change the butt ratios and create the perception of long legs. Incidentally, in my opinion, sexual attractiveness is all about proportions. If you can use your proportions and body harmony correctly, attractiveness is high…
Who Are Eligible Candidates?
The manifestation of our body parts in our own perception is subjective. In general, if you feel inappropriate in your body proportions, if you get different reactions from your friends, spouse and environment, it would be beneficial to consult your plastic surgeon. If you are saying the following statements made by my patients; There is no sports or exercise I have not done, no diet that I have not tried, I am losing weight but there is no change in the lower parts, my butt area is the airport! flattened like that, I don’t have clothes on or in our family the hips-hips are always wide, after births etc……. I think you should consult your doctor now. These area interventions are superficial applications, the risk is extremely low. If your general health problems allow, you may be a suitable candidate. A face-to-face meeting with your doctor will clarify this further.