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butt aesthetics

Like all our physical characteristics, hip and butt structure are also genetically transmitted. If the hip structure is beautiful, exercises, care and conscious nutrition will be enough to protect it; If the hip structure is genetically bad or has deteriorated over time, these undesirable appearances can be removed by some surgical methods.
In works of art made a few centuries ago, women with wide hips and butts were expressed as symbols of aesthetics, beauty and sexuality. As a result of the change in aesthetic norms with the changing time, today women with narrow hips and a protruding butt are considered sexy and beautiful women. While hip and buttock aesthetic surgeries were very rare years ago, with the influence of popular culture and fashion, women gave up seeing beauty only as facial beauty, and began to give importance to body beauty at least as much as or even more than facial beauty. Accordingly, the number of people who apply to aesthetic surgeons for hip and butt aesthetics is increasing rapidly.
The shapeless and large hips both make the legs look short and spoil the proportional appearance between the upper and lower parts of the body. Today, the desired hip and butt shape; we can describe it as rounded and protruding backwards, but where the muscles are not overly prominent, which does not protrude to the sides, narrow-shaped, short upper-lower distance.
Surgery for hip and buttock aesthetics; liposuction (vacuum fat removal), hip prosthesis placement (gluteal implant), hip-butt lift (hip stretching, buttock lift) and butt fat tissue injections (lipoinjection) and gluteal sling applications. All these interventions are usually performed under general anesthesia and take 2-3 hours depending on the method.
These surgeries can be performed alone or together to achieve the desired hip-butt shape. For example, while liposuction method is used to remove excess fat from the parts that protrude to the sides and hang down, gluteal prosthesis or fat injection can be made to the middle part that should be protruding backwards.
Since liposuction and fat injection (lipoinjection) is an intervention with cannulas and injectors, it does not leave any traces on the hips and buttocks, and people can return to their daily lives in a short time.
Gluteal sling method; It is an intervention made using special threads. It is a non-marking method, but as with all other methods, patient selection must be done correctly; Candidates for gluteal suspenders are generally young to middle-aged people, who do not have much sagging in their buttocks and hips, and whose subcutaneous connective tissue does not lose their strength much. Undesirable results can be obtained in people who do not have these characteristics. One thing to be aware of is that people who have a gluteal sling may feel pain while sitting and standing for a certain period after the surgery.
Hip and butt prosthesis (gluteal implant) surgery; It is done to make the butt protrude backwards by placing a silicone prosthesis under the gluteal muscles. In this surgery, since the incisions are made from an area that is both small and not very visible, there are no obvious scars.
Buttock lift surgery is the method that should be chosen for buttocks that are excessively saggy, have lost a great deal of subcutaneous fat and support tissue, and it is mostly applied to people who have lost excessive weight or are elderly people. In hip lift, as in other surgeries where the skin is stretched, the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are cut and removed, the remaining skin is stretched upwards and sutured. Thus, it is ensured that the butt has a more alive and well-rounded appearance. In hip lift surgery, traces that can be hidden under underwear remain.
Before Butt and Hip Aesthetics
Smoking may adversely affect general anesthesia comfort and wound healing. For this reason, it would be beneficial to stop using it 2 weeks before the surgery. There may be a tendency to bleed during your monthly period (menstrual period), so your surgery may need to be postponed, although not necessarily. Inform your doctor about this situation. The use of aspirin, herbal medicines and vitamin tablets should be discontinued 10 days before the operation date, as they increase the tendency to bleeding. If you have an upper respiratory tract infection, inform your doctor, your surgery may need to be postponed. Do not forget to bring the blood and urine tests requested by your doctor on the morning of the surgery. These results will be required in the examination by the anesthesiologist. Stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery. Before the operation, your doctor will plan the operation by making the necessary drawings on your hip and butt, and will take pictures of your face so that your face is not visible. Before the operation, an antibiotic injection will be made as a precaution against the risk of infection.
After Butt and Hip Aesthetics
Antibiotics will be started to prevent infection and pain medication will be started immediately after the surgery to prevent pain.
If you do not have nausea 6 hours after the surgery, you will be allowed to take liquid foods.
If the sling method, liposuction or fat injection methods were applied, you can be discharged on the same day. After hip replacement and hip stretching surgeries, you need to stay in the hospital for 1 day.
Do not smoke for 1-2 weeks after the operation.
After hip lift surgery, a drain will be placed in the wound to prevent blood and serum from accumulating in the wound. These drains are removed on the 2nd or 3rd day.
If liposuction and fat injection are made, you will have to walk around with tight bandages for a while and even use a corset.
If the sling method is applied, you may feel pain while sitting and getting up for a while after the surgery, it is recommended that you do not lie on your back for at least 3 weeks after the sling method.
After hip stretching and gluteal prosthesis surgery, you will need to come for dressing controls every 2-3 days.
For liposuction, fat injection and suspension methods, it will be sufficient to come for a check-up once a week.