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Burn marks / what to do?

It is very common in our country. There are many reasons, including children falling into the tandoor, work accidents, daily life burns, etc. Of course, the first / acute period treatment is very important in terms of maintaining vital functions and preparing for the next recovery and scar period. It leaves little scars and work after a successful burn treatment in accordance with the rules. Scars in different sizes, hypertrophic scars and keloids may occur in different parts of the body, and the contractions we call contractures create movement restrictions. Treatment can sometimes take years and require a series of operations. Of course, all known scar treatment methods are valid: The first acute treatment to be done by a plastic surgeon, appropriate and adequate dressings, rest, avoiding traumas such as sun and solarium during the recovery period, balanced diet, not smoking, massage, silicone bands, sometimes in the wound. like a steroid/cortisone injection. If a surgical intervention is to be planned, first of all, attempts to remove the movement restriction, that is, the correction of contractures should be performed. These extreme shrinkage conditions also affected the underlying tissues and caused weakness in the joint areas. The scar tissue is removed surgically, and the deficiencies are repaired with flap / tissue shifting methods such as Z-plasty and W-plasty. Tissue expansions can sometimes be applied to obtain healthier and more abundant skin. A kind of balloon placed under the skin is inflated within days or weeks and the healthy skin of that area is increased, and then the burned tissues are removed with the operation to be performed and the fresh / healthy skin obtained is shifted. It is a very common method. During this period, help can be obtained from many methods, including physical therapy and water treatment. Successful results are also seen with the laser. But it should be known that there is no method that can definitely destroy the burn marks. The aim of all treatments is to transform scars into normal surgical scars, to reduce them, to hide them, to fade them or to hide them inside the natural body anatomy, and this whole process should be planned by a plastic surgeon.