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Bulimia nervosa; the role of dentists

General Definition of Bulimia:

Bulimia Nervosa is the name given to the chronic eating disorder that occurs when the act of uncontrolled eating and throwing them out of the body turns into an unstoppable habit. Generally, this disease is often seen in people who cannot overcome their depression and do not accept that they are depressed. stuck in the face of the problem, lost their self-confidence, seeing themselves as unsuccessful in their life struggles, giving up somewhere and withdrawing, isolating themselves from social life and eating whatever they find almost their only pleasure in life, eating unconsciously and immediately regretting what they ate. such as vomiting or exerting excessive effort to get rid of it…. And one day, when the person realizes that it has become a disease, but this situation has become a habit, this time he panics and realizes that another serious health problem has been added to his depression, even applying to the doctor and getting help. either he is afraid … he hides it from everyone, he thinks that he will solve it by himself, and it is always said that tomorrow is the last …. but those tomorrows never come… Sometimes he goes to the doctor with another problem,

For example: The dentist says; Complaining, there is sensitivity in my teeth, although I take good care of my teeth … But after a good examination, we should talk to the patient alone, after a good examination, what causes the erosion in the teeth, and a session if necessary. We will have to give an appointment and try to solve the reason why these erosions in the teeth can generally occur with too much circulating in the mouth of stomach acid, and to make the patient open to the dentist, to give him the confidence that he can share his secret, and maybe we will have to spare a little more time than usual for this kind of patient.. In my 2 cases that I was able to catch, by spending a little more time and even by getting professional help from a psychiatrist friend in one, both were successful…

Differential diagnosis:

The formation of stains, cavities on the teeth, and the formation of chemical abrasions on the tooth enamel by being affected by acid wastes, irritation and wounds in the throat, lesions on the gums and bad breath due to these, as well as the restlessness observed during the patient’s anamnesis, hair loss, memory loss, heart and kidneys. signs of damage, the person is angry and restless because he is ashamed of what he has done.

The frequent circulation of stomach acid in the mouth and its contact with the teeth, and its chemical resolution by being affected by acid wastes and the formation of erosions in the teeth.

Diagnosis: A good anamnesis should be taken ….In the first sessions with the patient, the eating style should be learned with a close control and conversation…..


First, the habit of throwing out almost every food that enters the body by vomiting, which becomes chronic, should be treated with the help of a psychiatrist if necessary, the treatment of the existing eroded teeth should be done immediately, and the patient should be followed up for a few months. should be explained accordingly.

Drugs used in the treatment: Aesthetic composite veneer or filling restorations can be made on teeth with erosion and enamel destruction.

Advice and protection :

First, the person should be encouraged to make peace with himself, he should teach that the diseases caused by wrong eating habits can cause very dangerous secondary diseases, and if necessary, the dentist should continue his treatment with the support of a psychiatrist.