breast reduction

Women with large and sagging breasts apply to plastic surgeons for medical reasons other than aesthetic needs. Shoulder, back and arm pain are common complaints due to the weight of the breast and compression of the bra. The formation of diaper rash under the breast causes a bad odor and puts social and sexual life into trouble. It can also cause social problems in young girls who have very large and striking breasts. Sometimes patients suffer from large and sagging breasts so much that they may even want their breasts removed completely. Of course, this is not a request that can be met. The aim of breast reduction surgery is to obtain smaller, more shaped breasts that are more suitable for the body size of the person. Our patients in this situation are extremely happy when they have beautiful breasts that are suitable for their own body structure after the surgery. We recommend breast reduction surgery to women in this situation who take care of their own care and body beauty.
How is the operation done?
It is done with general anesthesia. The sagging and large parts of the breast are removed from the body and the nipple is reduced to the place where it should be in a normal breast.
Are there any scars on the breast?
The problem of scarring on the breast is still frequently discussed in plastic surgery. Many methods have been proposed to minimize the scar on the breast, and the developments in this area are still continuing. In some cases, scarless breast reduction can be performed. The chosen surgical method also depends on the size of the breast and the degree of sagging. Therefore, what kind of scar will be left on the breast is a matter that you will discuss with your plastic surgeon. However, I should also state that patients who decide on breast reduction surgery do not care too much about the scar that will remain. The scars are also planned to be hidden under the bra or swimsuit and do not attract attention by changing the color of the body over time. This topic of discussion arises from the urge of plastic surgeons to reach perfection.
What are the operational risks?
As with any operation, bleeding and infection may occur. Small drains are placed during surgery to remove small blood leaks from the body. Antibiotics are given to the patient as a precaution for infection. There may be feeding problems at the nipple, but thanks to the development in techniques and the use of the appropriate technique for the patient’s condition, it is not a common problem today. There may be temporary loss of sensation in the nipple. This is a temporary condition in most patients, but sometimes it can become permanent.
How long does the breast retain its shape?
Of course, there will be changes in the shape of the new breast over time. This occurs as part of the normal aging process. There is no harm in repeating this operation in the following periods. However, the technique used in the first operation should be known by the surgeon.