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Every woman wants to have aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. However, as a result of congenital underdevelopment or loss of volume in the mammary gland after birth, a drooping breast appearance occurs when the skin on it is abundant. It is possible to beautify the appearance of sagging breasts that have lost their volume and fresh appearance with breast lift surgery. For sagging breasts that do not have sufficient volume, lifting surgery alone may not be sufficient. Breast lift surgery is only an attempt to shape the breast and remove sagging, it does not add volume to the breast. In such cases, in addition to surgery, normal fullness is also achieved with the application of a breast prosthesis aimed at gaining volume.
The technique of the surgery varies according to the degree of sagging of the breasts. In cases with mild sagging, the nipple is moved to its normal position and the excess skin around it is removed. When this technique is applied, an inconspicuous ring-shaped surgical scar is formed around the nipple at the border of the colored part.
If the sagging is excessive, it is also necessary to remove the loosened skin from the lower half of the breast. In this case, in addition to the surgical scar around the nipple, another scar is formed that extends vertically from the nipple to the lower line. With these applications, the breast gains a more upright and lively appearance. During the same intervention, breast prostheses can also be placed to add fullness to the breast.
After the skin is separated from the breast tissue, it is erected and shaped. Conical breast tissue fed from the center is reconstructed without damaging its senses and milk ducts. The skin is like a cover on this shape. It recovers without being loaded on the sewing line, leaving a trace in the form of a thin line.
Regardless of the technique applied in the surgery, the remaining surgical scars are not very obvious in people with fair skin and normal wound healing physiology. However, the clarity of the scars may still vary according to the age of the person and the structural characteristics of the skin.
The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting, the average duration is two to three hours and the hospital stay is one day. It is not a painful operation, but there may be edema (swelling) in the breasts that lasts for a few weeks. Surgical scars will gradually begin to decrease over months. Three to six months are required for the breast to take its full shape and to reduce scars. Your self-confidence will also increase with a more upright, lively and fuller breast shape created by breast lift surgery.