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Breast lift scarless recovery

The female breast is the most protruding part of the body. For this reason, it is highly affected by gravity, which is responsible for aging effects. Hormonal changes and imbalances that take effect in various periods of a woman’s life lead to sagging of the breast tissue. Breast sagging is corrected with breast lift and breast lift operation. These operations are generally referred to as “mastopexy” in medical terminology. Sometimes excessive enlargement of the nipple occurs with sagging, which is pulled to its normal limits in youth during the mastopexy procedure. If we summarize the factors that cause breast sagging;

  • pregnancies
  • Breast-feeding
  • Frequent weight gains
  • Aging
  • Gravity
  • Your makeup and genetic heritage
  • Hormonal factors, hormone drugs, etc.

When we look at the reasons above, it is clear that every woman will face a certain degree of breast sagging problem at some point in her life. Today’s poor nutritional conditions have increased the incidence of frequent weight gains, sagging, cellulite and stretch marks in women. The increase in the quality of life expectancy of our women and the change in the concept of middle age have increased the frequency of such operations.
Breast lifting process does not significantly change the breast size or make the upper parts that are hollow due to sagging fuller. However, breasts can be both large and drooping. If your breasts are both saggy and hollow, you should definitely consider the augmentation process. If it is large, it can be sewn together with reduction.
If the following situations apply to you, you may consider breast lift-lift:

  • If you are physically healthy and able to maintain a stable weight.
  • If you can quit smoking
  • If you have realistic expectations
  • Sagging of your breast, deformed shape and discharge of its contents
  • Flattening and elongation of your breast or holding onto the chest wall with a handle
  • If your nipples have descended to a level below the groove under the breast
  • If your nipples point down
  • If you have loose skin and enlarged nipples
  • If one of your breasts is lower than your other breast

First of all, it will be useful to have a mammogram that we can compare the changes that may occur in your breast with the pre-operative changes. Quitting smoking before the operation allows you to recover faster and without problems. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should be discontinued 2-3 weeks in advance. Frequently used herbal medicines or herbal supplements should be discontinued before the operation.
Today, mastopexy can be performed with different incision and operation techniques. The method to be used here will be determined according to your breast characteristics. These;

  • Volumetric size and shape of your breast
  • Position and size of your nipple
  • The degree of sagging of your breast
  • how much skin excess you have
  • The degree of laxity and elasticity of your skin

It is possible in well-chosen appropriate cases. There are two different approaches for this. The first is to strengthen the load-bearing ligaments of the breast with the implanted carrier material. In this method, if augmentation is required, it can be combined with fat transfer from your own body. Thus, at the same time, you will ensure the shaping of the areas of your body with excess fat accumulation. The method we mentioned above is frequently preferred in Japan, Korea and China due to racial characteristics and is called the “scaffolding mastopexy” procedure. The second method is to stretch the “fascia” to which the carrier ligaments of the breast are attached, by entering under the armpit. It is used in moderate sags that do not require magnification. If you want to get more detailed information about these new methods, you can apply for a consultation.