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breast fat filling

Recently, in parallel with the development of stem cell science, breast fat filling has also become popular. You will find the details in the relevant topic. However, fat fillers to be used on the breast are not only used for breast augmentation. It is also used in the repair of defects after breast cancer, to camouflage possible implant defects (wrinkles, palps, asymmetries) after breast prosthesis, for repair of structural breast defects or other breast rejuvenation attempts, and in all types of breast contour irregularities. Fat fillers are used for many different purposes in the breast as well as in many parts of the body, with the increase in knowledge and the extension of their permanence by enriching them with stem cells. In addition, macrolane (hyalurnic acid preparation) is used for filling in the breast (albeit an expensive option) as it is compatible with the tissues.