Breast enlargement in breast asymmetries

One of the solution methods in asymmetrical breasts formed due to insufficient breast development (necessary genetic, hormonal) or traumatic causes (burn etc.) or after a surgical operation is to enlarge the small breast and lift it up. Because sometimes breast asymmetries are a condition that can cause serious mental problems, affect the development of sexual identity and create a trust problem. The breast, which is accepted as the symbol of your femininity, has always sought different solutions for similar problems: Fat injections, fat and stem cell application, collagen / tissue application, herbal pills, creams… Breast implants are seen as a definitive solution in this chain. It can be started to be applied in women between the ages of 18-20 who have completed their development. Asymmetry is in the shape or size of the breast. Sometimes there is no breast tissue at all, which is the most dramatic. Sometimes, a cancer may also occur when the breast is partially or completely removed as a result of an operation.
First you have to choose your doctor. You may be asked for a breast ultrasound / mammogram. Then the condition of your breasts is examined. You will also be asked whether you will have children in the future if the size, sagging, vitality measure, loosening, extinction, softening or different deformations. The dimensions you want to have, the shape of the silicone to be used, etc. will be examined. If there is sagging accompanying asymmetry, a breast lift will also be considered. In the meantime, you can think of the supported bras and padded bras you used for your asymmetry or sagging when you will no longer use them. Because you are now at the beginning of an operation that will put an end to your search for a workaround. If your body is thin and slender, a prosthesis will be chosen to be placed under your pectoral muscle or in the dual plane (partly under the breast tissue, partly under the muscle). It will be assumed that a large implant of around 300 cc may be appropriate in built bodies: For overweight or anorexic bodies, the existing situation will be considered a problem and it will be desirable to eliminate it first. The entrance to the breast will be made either from the nipple or from the groove under the breast (infra mammarrol fold) depending on the structure of your body. Sometimes there are also methods of entry under the armpit. Your doctor will make the right choice. Accompanying side operations (other breast irregularities, size, drooping: breast lift, breast lift, breast reduction) will determine the time of surgery. It is about 1-3 hours under general anesthesia. You will be able to go home the same day with the sports bra. The pain will be acceptable and at a level that can be relieved with simple painkillers. Even if a soft dream is predicted for 8-10 days, you will be able to enter daily life without exaggeration the next day. Do not drive for 3-5 days. You will need to stay away from sports for 3 weeks. Your own body will adjust the movement restriction a little bit. Since the aim will be to heal you quickly and to get rid of your edema as soon as possible, a process that you will live without exaggeration will be waiting for you. Although your edema will continue for 10-15 days and then normalize, the real state of well-being is actually a few months later. During this time, you will both get used to them and your breasts will complete the dropping / settling process and become natural. Your team will follow you for the massage and give you the necessary calendar after 15-20 days. After all, it will be healing if you follow the rules in this period, which is the harbinger of a happy and peaceful process.