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Breast (breast) augmentation – augmentation

BREAST Augmentation – Augmentation
It has not been seen that breast augmentation surgery causes CANCER!!!
Breast Augmentation – Augmentation It is done to increase breast volume. It may be necessary to combine it with a breast lift operation. Especially in the deflated breast due to childbirth and excessive weight loss, it is mandatory to perform the lifting and silicone surgery together.
Before the augmentation surgery, you should tell the doctor about your expectations without hesitation. realistic You can argue that you are. Silicone prosthesis to be placed according to the person shape round or drop; silicon volume changes. determinants;
* Lifestyle and sports,
* Leather quality thickness,
* Your body structure is shoulder width, bone and muscle structure,
* The current volume of the breast,
* It is the shape of the nipple.
If these points are not taken care of, you will not be able to fit your breasts into clothes suitable for your current size, and your body will become disproportionate.
Other important points;
** Whether the prosthesis will be placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle,
** The location of the surgical area to place the prosthesis (nipple, armpit, under the breast)
You should definitely talk to your doctor about the diagnosis and get the right information about it.