Breast aesthetics

In this operation, breast sizes are increased with the help of silicone implants. Breast augmentation is applied to women who find their breasts too small. The operation is performed under general anesthesia in hospital conditions. Liquid silicone filled prostheses are used in breast augmentation operation. The silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast tissue or behind the chest muscle. There are prosthesis types such as round, drop-shaped, smooth surface or rough surface. The operation takes 1-2 hours. It is enough to stay in the hospital for one day after the operation.

Purposes of breast augmentation with prosthesis (silicone):

  • shortest track
  • The most natural look
  • minimal pain
  • The most natural breast consistency
  • Least loss of sensation (especially nipple)
  • Unaffected by lactation
  • Not moving the breasts with arm movements

Where do I put the silicone?

I use the subfascial plan, a technique that entered the literature in 2002. It is not a commonly heard technique such as submuscular, submammary and dual plan, but its use is increasing due to its many advantages. Dr. I started after a congress speech by Seyhan Çenetoğlu.

  • It is placed between the fascia and the muscles of all the muscles on the breast (pectoralis major, serratus anterior, intercostal muscles, sometimes the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle).
  • Technically, it is more difficult and takes longer than submuscular and supramuscular techniques. (About 30 minutes longer)
  • It prevents the silicone from sliding down over time.
  • It separates the silicone from the breast tissue and the silicone does not come into contact with the breast tissue.
  • No muscle is cut.
  • There is no loss of function and pain due to muscle cut.
  • When the arms are pressed towards the waist, the silicones do not move or run to the sides.
  • At the beach, you can reach out and get your coke by yourself, not worrying about your breasts moving.
  • Since it proceeds under the fascia of the serratus muscle on the side of the breast where the nipple nerve passes, there is little bleeding and it is easy to protect the nerve.

Cohesive Gel drop silicone:

There is a fact that the chest is not round. With a slight inclination from above, it rises towards the nipple and after the nipple, it turns towards the bottom of the breast by making a sharper arc. Due to this need, anatomical prostheses began to be produced. The second need is prostheses that will feel more natural when touched. The silicone applied breast should look nice and be soft. this need led to the production of jelly-like liquid silicone prostheses.

  • It is elliptical in length and not rounded. The thin extension above fills the décolleté. The base is concave, the upper part is convex. When placed on a flat surface, prostheses with floating edges give an edge.
  • Prostheses with a concave base sit on the patient’s chest without edging.
  • The cohesive gel silicone contained in it has a jelly consistency and is close to the sweet hard consistency of a normal breast.
  • Since the silicone has its own shape, it needs a 4-4.5 cm incision. Like liquid silicone prostheses or water-inflatable silicones, they cannot fit through 2-3 cm incisions.

Where is the prosthesis placed?


  • It is advantageous in trace.
  • Bleeding is difficult to control.
  • It is generally used for submuscular plane. It is a difficult technique.
  • Adjusting the under-breast alignment is not easy.


  • The trail is well camouflaged.
  • 2. Because the mammary glands are passed through, some of the mammary glands are damaged.
  • Capsule contracture is more likely.
  • There is a slight loss of sensation in the incision area.

Under the breast:

  • It has the best view in breast prosthesis.
  • Bleeding is better controlled. The muscle membrane technique is best done from the under-breast line.
  • There is no scar on the nipple, which is the most important area of ​​the breast, but if the bikini slides up in the sea, a scar can be seen.
  • You can feel free to play beach volleyball with a bikini.
  • While the patient is standing, someone looking at the patient from the opposite side cannot see this trace, the trace of the bra remains inside.

Now, videos of every surgery can be accessed online. My patients also come to watch the surgery they are interested in. A few pictures I took during the surgery about this technique can give you an idea about the muscle membrane (subfascial) surgery technique. Note that the bleeding is very little. The muscle membrane is clearly observed.