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Bad breath causes

The cause of bad breath is the waste material of dead bacteria and volatile sulfurcalled a gas.

Bad odor in the breath originates in the mouth.An oral infection, advanced gum disease, or just bacteria that settle on food residues left in the mouth for more than a few hours cause odor.

Other causes of odor systemic problemsIt is: Tonsillitis, lung inflammation, sinusitis, diabetes (acetone odor), gastrointestinal diseases, kidney failure (fishy odor), liver and metabolism disorders.

The primary cause of bad breath diagnosisand accordingly treatment should be done. What to do in oral odors

All bruises are treated.

Gum disease is treated. Pockets and calculus are eliminated

Impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth are extracted.

Apart from all this:

Brush your teeth for 3 minutes after each meal and floss once a day.

Keep your toothbrush in a dry and clean place and wash it thoroughly after use.

The tongue is a tissue where bacteria can settle easily and be difficult to clean due to its very recessed and rough structure. with your teeth your tonguesurface and especially brushing the back It is important to prevent odor. If you are uncomfortable brushing this surface with a brush, clean the tongue by scraping it from root to tip using a clean plastic spoon.
In addition, tongue brushes and tongue scrapers on the market will help you a lot to clean your tongue comfortably and properly.

Peppermint, mouth sprays or mouthwashes do not prevent bad breath, they only suppress it for a short time (5-7 minutes).

To prevent bad breath 50% waterand 50% hydrogen peroxideone you will prepare from mouthwashcan have a positive effect.

food sourced(garlic, onion, alcohol, etc.) cold milkSignificantly reduces odor.