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Baby bottle caries

Tooth decay is a disease as old as human history. It is also a disease of civilization. Main cause of dental caries Streptococcus mutans It is a bacteria called lactic acid, which ferments the sugar in our food very quickly. These acids break down the tooth enamel and form caries. Studies show that when the child is born, there is no caries-causing bacteria in his mouth, but from the 6th month, this bacteria begins to colonize the hard tissues of the teeth. The biggest reason for the child to be infected with this bacterium is the mother, father or caregiver who is in very close contact with the child.

Why are milk teeth important?

Milk teeth are very important guides that ensure the healthy formation and eruption of permanent teeth. During the formation of permanent teeth and the development of the jaws, they both provide function and form the path that permanent teeth will take. Therefore Treating milk teeth as “insignificant teeth that will change anyway” puts your child’s future dental health at great risk.

An inflamed or decayed primary tooth slows down or impairs the formation of the permanent tooth that develops under it. Depending on the condition of the damage to the deciduous tooth, this may be a very slight damage, or it may also be a damage that will prevent the permanent tooth from functioning fully in the future or cause it to become unstable to caries. In a child whose front teeth are completely destroyed due to caries, nutritional disorders will occur as well as aesthetic and speech disorders.

A balanced diet is very important for the development of children. Teeth, jaw bones and soft tissues in the mouth will also be healthy in a child fed with healthy foods. Your child must be fed 5 basic groupsshould contain.

1) Fruit, 2) Vegetables, 3) Cereals, 4) Milk, cheese, yoghurt, 5) Meat, chicken, fish

As you can see, there are no sugary and starchy foods among them. Your child does not need these for feeding. Especially soft and sugary foods that stick to the teeth are the main cause of cavities. It is very important for your child’s dental health that you give these foods to your child in the minimum amount possible.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the incidence of baby bottle caries. The reasons for this are that sugary foods are among the most frequently consumed foods in children and there is no or little tooth brushing habit. It’s a milk tooth anyway, new ones will come from below The idea is completely wrong and erroneous. Because this idea has become a part of the society and unfortunately, even some physicians mislead their patients with the same thought, and many children suffer from dental caries and its causes.