Autogenous block bone graft


Horizontal and vertical bone losses in the areas where implants are planned in the lower jaw and upper jaw have led to the use of clinically autogenous bone collection sites and the advancement of surgical techniques that should be used to obtain bone from this region. Autogenous block bone graft is usually obtained from the tip of the mandible, the ramus region of the mandible (the posterior region of the mandibular second molar) or the iliac bone (hip bone). In general, implant application can be performed 6 months after the procedure.

In bone grafting, autogenous bone has long proven to be the gold standard. But rapid advances in the understanding of bone physiology and growth; It has contributed to the advancement of biomaterials and surgical techniques that will provide the necessary bone for implant application without the need for autogenous bone graft. Serving as a Maxillofacial Surgeon Specialist in Bursa, Uzm. Dt. Taner Köroğlu performs Autogenous Block Bone Graft in Bursa Specialists Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic for patients who are planned to have implants in insufficient bones.