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Aesthetic orthodontic treatments: lingual orthodontic treatment

The developments seen in all scientific fields in the world also show themselves in orthodontic treatments. Indeed, today there is no limit left for the treatment of orthodontic disorders. All orthodontic disorders can be treated, and patients reach the desired level in terms of both function and aesthetics.

Until recently, it was known that orthodontic treatments could only be performed on children. However, technological developments, the spread of orthodontic treatments and the increase in the number of orthodontists have allowed orthodontic treatments to be performed easily for all age groups.

In today’s world, people pay more and more attention to aesthetics due to their social and working conditions. In the light of these expectations, aesthetic approaches in orthodontic treatments are developing rapidly. In the early days, reducing the size of metal brackets and later using porcelain and plastic brackets took their place in orthodontics. However, none of these applications were aesthetic enough.

Lingual technique applications, on the other hand, completely satisfy patients from an aesthetic point of view. A satisfactory aesthetic appearance in patients allows for an increase in self-confidence and a more comfortable interaction with the environment. Today, many people cannot smile easily due to the crookedness of their teeth, curvatures, gaps between teeth or jaw anomalies. This directly affects people’s positions in society. Although many orthodontic patients complain about the disorder in their teeth, they do not want the braces to appear in their mouth during orthodontic treatment. Lingual technique eliminates all these negativities.

In this technique, which is made by gluing brackets to the inner sides of the teeth, no orthodontic treatment material is visible. While patients have orthodontic treatment on the one hand, they continue their daily lives comfortably on the other hand. Before anyone around them realizes that they are receiving any treatment, their teeth are getting better and all people around, including the patients themselves, watch this situation with amazement.