aesthetic filling

Aesthetic fillings are also known as composite fillings. It is applied to both anterior and posterior teeth due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. In anterior teeth, it is often preferred to join split teeth. It is a comfortable treatment method for the patient as it is an application that takes place without any cutting process on the tooth and without the need for laboratory work. In cases such as anterior tooth fractures and trauma cases, natural results are obtained by adding filling material only.

The fact that it offers many color options makes this method known as aesthetic fillings. It is preferred in front teeth as it can imitate the natural tooth exactly. It is often applied to people who are not satisfied with the size of the teeth, people who have permanent discoloration and caries treatments.

Are Aesthetic Fillers Durable?

Metal fillings, which have been applied since ancient times, disturb people aesthetically. Such fillings are not preferred especially when filling the anterior teeth is required. With the developing technology, aesthetic fillings come to the fore. Aesthetic fillings, which have a reinforced material content and have a longer life than metal fillings, have an extremely durable structure.

How Long Do Aesthetic Fillers Last?

Aesthetic fillings are suitable for use for many years with durable structures. However, the person’s oral and dental care routines can also change this period. Aesthetic fillings can be used safely for many years with regular dental examinations every 6 months, taking care of daily oral and dental care. When these routines are followed, no cracking, leaking or discoloration complaints occur in aesthetic fillings.

Regular maintenance is done correctly and any decay etc. on the tooth. As long as the complaint does not arise, it is not necessary to change the aesthetic fillings.

Can Black (Amalgam) Fillings Be Replaced With Aesthetic Fillings?

Amalgam fillings, which have been applied for many years, make people aesthetically uncomfortable due to their black appearance. Many people wonder if they can replace their old, black fillings. It is possible to replace amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings in a single session with your dentist.

Aesthetic Filling or Porcelain Filling?

Dentists are always in favor of preserving the natural structure of the tooth to the greatest extent. When it comes to large caries and fractures in teeth, it is evaluated to what extent the unstable teeth can be made durable with aesthetic fillings. According to this situation, the most suitable option for the person is decided.

Is There Any Pain After Aesthetic Filling?

While making aesthetic fillings, the filling process is applied to the person with the application of anesthesia. As the effect of the anesthesia wears off, sensitivities such as instant tingling in the teeth may occur against hot and cold foods/drinks. However, this situation is very short-term and disappears within 2 weeks at the latest. In such complaints that last longer than 3 weeks, you should talk to your dentist. Severe pain complaint after filling mostly occurs when dental nerves are affected. In this case, root canal treatment is required.

How is Aesthetic Filling Made?

  • Aesthetic fillings are applied very simply. One session is sufficient for the procedure.
  • The area is numbed with local anesthesia. Tooth decay and teeth are cleaned.
  • The cavity filling material is shaped for better adhesion of the filling material. Beveling is applied in order for the filling material to adhere to the teeth.
  • Tooth enamel surface is smoothed and bonding is performed.
  • Filling material in the most suitable color and consistency for the natural tooth color is prepared and placed in the cavity.
  • Irradiation is done to reach the desired hardness.
  • If there are problems such as height and protrusion in the filling, they are corrected. It is made smooth.
  • The process ends with the polishing of the tooth.