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Aesthetic eye surgery (blepharoplasty)

Aesthetic eyelid surgery is the removal of excess skin and fat from the lower and upper eyelids. It eliminates situations that give a tired expression to the person, such as eyelashes and folds on the upper eyelid, bags under the eyes and sagging of the lids, and presents a younger and rested appearance.

Preoperative Evaluation:

The first step for anyone considering blepharoplasty is to consult a Plastic Surgeon. The person should openly discuss their expectations of looking and feeling better after surgery, keeping in mind that correction is not the desired perfection.

In young people, blephoroplasty is usually performed only to remove the adipose tissue under the lid. Loss of skin tone in older adults may require removal of excess skin. It can be applied together with eyebrow lifting and temple stretching operations in line with the surgeon’s recommendations.

What kind of method is applied in Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty is applied with an additional method to remove excess skin sagging, bags under the eyes and in some cases to correct sagging muscles. One or all of these changes can be done in a single operation. The scope of the method depends on what changes are desired and what your surgeon considers appropriate.
Blepharoplasty is usually performed on the upper lid first. In both areas, some of the underlying fat masses will be removed.

The incisions on the lower and upper eyelids are made by following the natural lines and folds and are generally extended to the wrinkles on the outer edge of the eye. Working along the incision, the surgeon separates the skin from the underlying cellular tissue and muscle, removing excess fat and skin that is exposed.

The number and type of stitches used to close the incisions differ from person to person. After healing, these scars will become barely noticeable within 6-8 months.

A moist gauze dressing will be applied to the eyes after the surgery.

How Long Does the Eyelid Aesthetics Operation Take?

Depending on the extent of the surgery, the procedure may take 1-2 hours or sometimes longer.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

There may be some sensitivity and discomfort after the surgery. Even if a slight pain is felt, it can be controlled with painkillers.

You will be asked to lie with your head elevated and apply a cold compress to your eye to prevent swelling and bruising. If a dressing has been applied, it will be removed the next day.

Your surgeon will recommend that you take an eye bath and use eye drops for a few days after the surgery.

Since the eyelid skin is thin, swelling and bruising may be observed after surgery. However, swelling and bruising will subside in the first week. The remaining discoloration can be covered with light make-up. There may be an increase in tears and sensitivity to bright light after short-term surgery.

How soon after surgery can I return to my daily life?

Although you will be up and about the day after the surgery, your Plastic Surgeon will recommend a suitable schedule for you to resume your normal routine. Excessive activity and bending forward should be avoided for 2-3 weeks to allow for proper recovery. It is recommended to use tinted glasses for 2-3 weeks to protect your eyes from wind and sun irritation. The decision when to return to work depends on how quickly you recover and how you feel.