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Advice to the traveler of facial rejuvenation initiatives!..

Our face is the mirror of our long journey. Fatigues, sorrows and traces of time find themselves there. Wrinkles, bags, sagging and a sad posture. Is it old age? Maybe. Sometimes, in young and middle ages, one may be unhappy with similar problems, perhaps due to structural or other reasons. This is how the search begins. The struggle to find the holy youth, to feel better about ourselves. Today, there are a thousand types of solutions corresponding to this quest: All kinds of medical creams and medicines are at your fingertips. On the other hand, rejuvenation cures, spas and beauty salons will help you with dozens of different applications and devices. Aesthetic / plastic surgeons are also for these days, at an important junction and crossroads of your journey. You actually experience the most radical and lasting changes with them and under their guidance. This fact is exactly the same in all approaches to your face. But if your journey ends in an operating room, it usually means a happy ending. But provided you follow the rules. A surgical intervention is also a set of rules. Before and after is just as important as surgery. First of all, you should share your problem with your plastic surgeon and plan a good surgery. This is a process that will take shape as a result of your wishes and dreams. The person should be able to find the equivalent of a line that you can be happy with in this pre-planning. At this stage, you should transfer your existing possible physical problems to your doctor, the necessary preliminary examinations / analyzes / controls should be made, and you should make a preliminary meeting with your anesthesiologist. Blood pressure, diabetes, chronic diseases, medications you take, alcohol, cigarettes, possible pre-concerns should all be discussed. ”A 15-20 days without smoking” should be your indispensable pre-acceptance. Non-smoking is important in facial surgeries. Because nicotine directly affects circulation, causes vasoconstriction and impairs healing. This means both a bad wound and unwanted scars. Don’t even imagine this change if you don’t quit smoking. Almost all of the facial rejuvenation interventions can be performed under local anesthesia. Usually, sometimes a light sedation accompanies this process. The process defined as ‘neckless face lift’ is a variation of such an application. All drugs used in this method, also called Twilight anesthesia (twilight sleep), are reversible, and it is a method that is closed to possible mistakes and side effects. It is a unique application with the absence of nausea and vomiting after the operation and the feeling of happiness / complete well-being it creates. This whole process means less swelling, edema and redness, that is, a faster recovery / recovery process. A radical initiative such as a facelift is experiencing a much faster recovery period with such soft touches than in the past. On the other hand, the definition of facial rejuvenation covers dozens of different applications: Total face lift / face lifting, mid-face lift, Fat fillings, eyelid / blepharoplasty surgeries, liposuction, dermabrasion, PRP, laser applications, suspension and attachments, nose and ear surgeries, lip fillings. , cheekbone and chin prostheses, etc. Although all these are named with different definitions (Non-surgical face lift, non-anaesthetic face lift, endoscopic interventions, happy-lift, mini-lift, etc.), they can all be applied separately or in combination. Your surgeon determines the method and order. For example, sometimes a few doses of appropriate laser rejuvenation is foreseen before facial rejuvenation operations, but sometimes, on the contrary, such laser applications can be applied if necessary after the operation. This is an example. For example, in the same operation process: Total face lift, eyelids, fat injection and nose surgery can be applied together. Of course, multiple interventions mean additional problems, edema and redness. No matter what happens, you stay in the hospital for a maximum of 1 night and the next day you enter life softly. The bandages, dressings and dressing will stay for 3-4 days, after which you will take a bath. You can cover many problems with a pair of sunglasses. Although the well-being you will achieve in 8-10 days will make you happy, the real recovery will take longer. After a week you will be able to go to work or school. Activities such as sports will be allowed after 3 weeks. The pain will be at a level that can be relieved with simple painkillers or it will be negligible. The face and its components are soft knit structures that will quickly swell and bruise and heal dramatically just as quickly. It is a process where you don’t need much other than patience. If you make good choices and make the right decisions together with your doctor, it is ultimately a journey you will enjoy. We can say this.