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Addressing dentists…..

Professions are either art or science. Artists strive for aesthetics. They have no function concerns. Nobody expects the Venus statue, which evokes good feelings in us, to bring a glass of water. Scientists, on the other hand, are just too busy finding the truth, regardless of whether we like it or not. Then they try to make what they find functional for the benefit of humanity. they don’t care much about aesthetics, who would object if the drug found in cancer was the color of child poop?

This unique profession called dentistry brings together art and science. The dentist is both an artist and a scientist. On the one hand, he has to chew and on the other hand, he has to make beautiful-looking teeth. Phonation too. The dentist goes to the problems. Let’s say a device has a broken button, a broken handle, etc. he has already started to mix the acrylic while the others notify the service and wait for a while. If he bends something, takes it from there, puts it here and solves the problem for sure.

The dentist is a magician. First, it destroys the teeth one by one, then creates such an illusion that it seems as if they are all in place. The dentist has an insane determination. Who else on earth tries to grope into the canals of the rearmost tooth, as thin as a hair, without seeing it directly, in a narrow environment with bloody saliva and tiny files? Dentist; He is an adventurer, with the excitement of finding precious stones, he discovers the stones in the deepest pockets and the most secret corners of the teeth and collects them carefully. Dentist is durable. It can stand for hours in a standing position and bent to the right. The dentist is an engineer, he builds bridges, excavates, anchors. The dentist is a linguist. He is the only one who understands what those who try to speak with their mouths full of open cotton balls. The dentist is a fortune teller, he can take a quick look at your teeth, tell you your age, which side you chew on, and even whether you grind your teeth at night.

The dentist has a delicate and sensitive soul, wherever someone has a toothache, their heart breaks. His hands are winged, he wants to fly, he wants to land on a tooth. The dentist is a psychologist, everyone is afraid of him, and he has to earn everyone’s trust. It touches souls before teeth, those who lose a leg and wear a leg prosthesis know that they cannot run, and those who wear eye prosthesis know that they cannot see. But for some reason, his patients are extraordinary people who believe that on the day of his total prosthesis, he will bite off a whole leg like the bad guys in Turkish movies. The dentist is a friend, a confidant. Mother-in-laws tell her about their brides, officers, superiors, new lovers without any hesitation, and ask for advice. If the dentist falls on a deserted island, there are 3 things he would want, mirror, sond, presel and lastly, the dentist has a loving heart. Because it is only possible to achieve these things with a loving heart.