2 hidden enemies of the lung revealed

According to the news of İHA, the increased use of computers and phones is causing many diseases by keeping young people sedentary. In recent years, the cases of lung collapse (pneumothorax) caused by a sedentary life, which has become common especially in childhood and early youth, have worried doctors.

Making statements about lung collapse (pneumothorax) and calling for young people to do sports, Thoracic Surgery Specialist. Kiss. Dr. Köksal Yurda Eken emphasized the importance of active life and correct sitting, expressing that they encountered undesirable results in cases that could not be intervened on time.


Kiss. Dr. Koksal Yurda Eken, “Increased use of technology in recent years causes young people to be inactive. Over time, we may encounter diseases that we do not want. One of the most important of these is Pneumothorax, that is, lung collapse. Pneumothorax is the presence of free air in the chest cavity. The lung becomes an air-filled organ after the first breath after birth and this situation continues for life. Pneumothorax occurs when this air escapes from the lungs and accumulates in the chest cavity due to various reasons. The function of the lung on the side of the pneumothorax is partially or completely lost. A significant proportion of pneumothorax cases require surgical or conservative medical intervention, and a smaller proportion can heal spontaneously.said.

“Young people MUST MOVE”

Thoracic Surgery Specialist. Kiss. Dr. Köksal Yurda Eken continued her words, underlining the increased incidence in young people and warned families. Eken, “Genetic (hereditary) factors, traumas and smoking have an important place among the causes of pneumothorax seen in young people. In recent years, medical observations have been increasing that pneumothorax is more common in those who lead a sedentary life in childhood and early youth. Habits such as computer games, internet and television that lead children and young people to a sedentary life play an important role in this.said.

sowing “Thanks to the elasticity of the lung, it moves harmoniously with the rib cage during breathing movements. The filling and discharge of air into the lung tissue also depends on the opening of the airways and their proper humidity. It is thought that this elasticity decreases and ‘air trapping’ increases in those who lead a sedentary life. confinement is the situation where the air entering the lungs cannot be completely discharged. Air bubbles called ‘bullae’ are formed in these people because the intrapulmonary air pressure is above normal. Since these air bubbles are thin-walled, they easily burst and cause pneumothorax. All families and young people participate in activities to change these habits. In this regard, it is very important that educational institutions and governing bodies encourage our children to engage in sports and live an active life.”used the phrases.