10 tooth-friendly foods

Believe it or not, the foods you consume help you maintain your dental health and make your smile shine. For example, if you constantly consume sugary or starchy foods, the bacteria in the plaque will have another opportunity to rot your teeth. However, if you take care to consume foods that naturally fight bacteria, remove plaque and freshen your breath, you will support the protection of your teeth with natural methods.

Here are the foods that should be consumed for dental health;

1. Celery; Celery protects our teeth in two ways. Celery is a food that requires extra chewing, which helps us to secrete extra saliva, which in turn neutralizes the bacteria that cause cavities. In addition, fibrous or hard natural foods massage the gums and clean between the teeth.

2.Cheese; Cheese provides multiple benefits for your teeth. First, it helps to adjust the PH balance of your mouth. Dentist Mehmet Zahid Kazandı, who stated that it also protects against cavities and prevents new cavities, adds that a piece of cheese to be eaten after taking sugary food is extremely important in terms of eliminating the decay effect of sugar on teeth.

3.Green Tea; While the catechin substance in green tea helps to destroy the bacteria in the mouth, it is also effective against cancer. Therefore, it is an effective substance against oral cancers. This substance also helps to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath from the mouth.

4. Kiwi; Vitamin C deficiency can make your gums sensitive, making them more resistant to bacteria. In this case, you can get periodontal disease. To avoid this situation, you should take enough vitamin C and you can choose kiwi because it contains more vitamin C than other fruits.

5. Yogurt; The benefits of yoghurt, which is rich in calcium, for teeth are innumerable. Calcium reduces the number of inflamed pockets of tooth roots in people with periodontal disease. Calcium helps heal loose and loose teeth caused by periodontal disease. Calcium helps prevent tooth loss. If you care about your dental health, choose foods that are rich in calcium.

6. Parsley; Chewing some parsley after consuming foods that cause bad breath will help you have a pleasant mouth odor. In this way, bad breath turns into a pleasant smell thanks to parsley.

7. Strawberry; Strawberry is good for teeth and gums. At the same time, it carries the formula of getting rid of tooth stones by natural method. Various acids in it dissolve the stones accumulated at the bottom of the teeth. .It prevents the formation of dental calculus.

8. Nuts Nuts and seeds contain natural oils that cover the teeth and form a protective layer against bacteria. These oils help strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay, and the seeds also contain calcium.

9.Apple;Noting that eating the apple with the peel not only strengthens the teeth, but also cleans the teeth with the substances in it, Kazandı added, “I recommend eating fruits such as apples and carrots by biting them.”

10. Fish; Phosphorus in fish is one of the basic substances of bone and tooth tissue. They contain phosphorus, which hardens the teeth. Therefore, fish should be consumed once a week for healthier teeth.